About Us

The San Diego Arab Film Festival (SDAFF) is a project of KARAMA, a non-profit that promotes understanding of the issues of the Arab and Islamic world and of the Palestinian issue in particular. In 2012, its inaugural year, the Festival screened 3 feature films and 5 short films from six countries. The Festival has grown steadily, and in 2019 it held 10 screenings.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, We were not able to hold our in-person festival and, instead are offering films for viewing on line. Unfortunately, and for various reasons, we are not able to include all of the films we had intended to screen at our in-person festival, but we are offering 6 feature films and 6 shorts

The online festival is an experiment for us, so we are offering the films free of charge. However, if you enjoy the films and find this format worthwhile, we would appreciate a donation to help defray the cost of the platform. You can donate by clicking here.

KARAMA’S goal is to grow the San Diego Arab Film Festival into a major cultural event that enhances the identity, perception and understanding of Arabs and the Arab world in our community. More information about KARAMA is available at karamanow.org. Information about the San Diego Arab Film Festival is available at sandiegoaff.org.

The work of putting on the Festival is carried out by the San Diego Film Festival Committee, which is composed of the KARAMA Board of Directors and volunteers from the community.

San Diego Arab Film Festival is the registered trademark of KARAMA. It is not affiliated with Arab Film Festival or Arab Film and Media Institute.